For Proper Records Management, RAIC Collaborates with Audit Service

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The Right to Access Information Commission (RAIC) has on Friday 9 th February, 2024 met the
management of the Audit Service Sierra Leone (ASSL) for effective collaboration on providing
Access to Information as a vehicle to enabling transparency, accountability and good governance
in Sierra Leone.

The meeting took place in the conference room of the Audit Service Sierra Leone on the 12 th
Floor of the Freetown City Council Building in Freetown. The Chairman of RAIC, Dr Ibrahim
Seaga Shaw said his institution is particularly interested in collaborating with the ASSL on
projects and programmes relating to capacity building of Information Officers, Records Officers
and Auditors on the Right to Access Information Law and regulations. He noted that the aim is to
support the auditing of administrative and financial records of all public authorities in the

Dr Shaw explained that the Commission was established by an Act of Parliament to facilitate
Access to Information to all individuals and institutions seeking same.

The Act provides for all public institutions to have a records management system in place to
enable access to information and data. He said records management is a compliance issue for
public institutions, explaining the process as stipulated by law.

Mr Abdul Aziz, Acting Auditor General of the Audit Service Sierra Leone welcomed the idea of
partnering with the Right to Access Information Commission for effective information sharing
especially in financial accountability and transparency in the country. He called for not only
capacity building for Information and Records Officers but also awareness raising for the public
to better understand financial information sharing and access. He said the collaboration should
therefore encompass awareness raising, capacity building and information sharing as conduits for
transparency, accountability and good governance in the country.

Mr Aziz told the meeting that his institution undertakes compliance audits to ensure that public
institution comply with laws and regulations including records management.

The Deputy Auditors General Mr Selvin Bell and Mr Aiah Gbondo Tugbawa shared similar
sentiment and expressed willingness to cooperate with RAIC to strengthen such collaboration.
Both parties agreed for the establishment of a memorandum of understanding as a roadmap for
effective collaboration.

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