Audit Service plans with Accountability Institutions

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The Audit Service Sierra Leone, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance with support from the European Union, held a stakeholder workshop on the implementation of audit recommendations with accountability institutions and development partners at the Country Lodge Hotel on Tuesday 28th May, 2024.

The session marked the commencement of a three-day stakeholder workshop that would be held with key stakeholders on the implementation of audit recommendations.

The purpose of the workshop is to strengthen collaboration among players in the accountability sector in a bid to increase the level of implementation of audit recommendations among MDAs.

In his keynote address, the Acting Auditor-General Mr Abdul Aziz stated that the presence of key accountability institutions is a demonstration of their commitment to help strengthen the work they collectively do within the accountability sector in providing services that will help improve the lives of fellow citizens. He pointed out that as accountability institutions, the work they do will help bring development to the country. He made a passionate appeal for MDAs to ensure that the recommendations of the Auditor-General are implemented and on time. He said if MDAs fail to implement the audit recommendations, it will be the people who will suffer.

The next two days’ sessions will be held at the Sierra Palm Hotel, and it will attract local authorities and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).

Discussions during these two days would focus on the interaction among accountability institutions, local authorities, and CSOs.

It is hoped that this workshop would help strengthen public financial management across central and local governments, bringing out challenges faced, and actions to improve implementation rates.

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